Who Should Not Receive a Thai Massage?

Thai massage is a popular form of massage therapy, but it is not suitable for everyone. People with certain health conditions, such as cancer or cardiovascular disease, those who are pregnant, and those who have just undergone surgery should not receive a Thai massage. Additionally, those with high blood pressure or other abnormalities in their blood vessels, such as varicose veins, should avoid Thai massage as it can cause blood clotting. Thai massage has the potential to cause injury if not done correctly.

This applies to both the therapist and the recipient. It is much more dangerous than Swedish massage and requires specific training to be done correctly. If your muscles are sore or tense, you may feel some discomfort during the massage. If this occurs, tell your doctor to reduce pressure and stretching.

There are some potential risks of Thai massage, just like any form of massage. These include changes in heart rate which could be harmful if you have a heart condition. There is also a small risk of muscle or bone injury from a rough massage. A study conducted by Kumnerddee found that traditional Thai massage was effective in achieving muscle relaxation but was inferior to Chinese acupuncture. Many people believe that the health benefits of Thai massage include reducing stress, increasing energy and improving sports performance.

After receiving a Thai massage, many people report feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. During most massages in Thailand, loose-fitting clothing is provided instead of going completely naked. A study conducted by Half of the test group received treatment with Thai massage and the rest with other conservative management techniques including joint mobilization, hot compresses and manual stretching to sore areas. Thai massage is based on the idea that energy moves through the body along predictable lines or pathways known as senses. It is important that supervision comes from the Thai massage therapist community as they are the people who really understand the proper techniques and methods of training. While a Swedish massage license does not qualify you to practice Thai massage, it does not hurt either.

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