How Often Can You Have a Thai Massage?

There are no hard and fast rules for how often a person should receive a Thai massage. However, it is important to incorporate daily maintenance routines that include stretching and relaxation techniques into your lifestyle. This will help you stay flexible and relaxed for a long time after the massage. A Thai massage is a more expensive technique, but it is quite effective in relieving tension in the body.

There is no limit to the number of massages you can receive. Whenever you need to relax and treat chronic pain, you can get a Thai massage. Your body will definitely thank you for it. I have a friend who goes for a Thai massage every week, do you think it's too often? Have you ever heard of how often young people can go for a Thai massage? If you have the money to spend, then there's no problem, but as you get older, it's best to limit yourself to once a week or even less.

That's for men, I don't know about women, maybe one of them will respond with an honest answer, most men will lie anyway. Who doesn't have 200 THB to spend on a massage a day? Well, a couple of pounds isn't much in my opinion, so why not pamper yourself? Daily massage is great if you can afford it. The only contraindication is that if the patient has cancer, massage can promote tumor metastasis. Who would want to lie about going to get a traditional Thai massage? Theory and practice have been around for at least 5000 years. The Sen lines and the points contained therein have been used effectively in established procedures and protocols for some time.

Some of the techniques used, especially the manipulations, are absolutely dangerous if used improperly. I wouldn't let anyone do my bodywork unless they were properly qualified. A chiropractor has to do 5 years of full-time training before being able to perform manipulations, even then there are risks. Recently, a Canadian woman suffered a stroke after visiting a chiropractor for a neck adjustment. Yes, Chiros here are adjusting babies now.

It's hard to ruin a foot massage if you train them right from the start, harder or softer. I met a bar girl who complemented her night job by working in a “straight” massage shop during the day, although she was probably an expert in some areas of the pleasure giving profession, she certainly wasn't an expert in massages. My medical opinion is that bar girls should only be employed within the scope of their specialty. In the past, I have tried so-called professionals, Wat Po trained etc., but even then I haven't been too happy with the subsequent joint aches and strains. Wat Po uses the Southern style which is usually stronger and more aggressive than other styles.

I have an aunt in Europe who had to study for 2 years to gain a full understanding of safe massage techniques. I'm only worth my two pence but I still personally don't rate Thai massage too much - in fact I'll expand on that and say I don't rate it at all. Theory and practice have existed for 5000 years but that doesn't mean they're correct. Is it hard to ruin a foot massage? Tell people who limped out of foot massage stores that people can ruin anything. Wat Po uses a stronger and more aggressive Southern approach (I think you'll find from the far north to the south end of Thailand), but massage techniques are all the same - potentially harmful. Anyway, I don't care how hard or gentle the massage is - strains and joint aches shouldn't be the result.

I can safely say that 99.9 percent of the massage staff in massage stores and establishments in Los Angeles are not competent in safe massages, although some do give excellent massages with oil with additional ice. If a massage therapist finds a cancerous growth they will most likely say: No problem, I can make and distribute the poison around the body. Buddahboy: Well, I'm glad we cleared that up!I have received massages every week or more often if the opportunity presents itself since I was seven years old in Japan and have continued this practice for sixty years in many countries around the world and almost every massage school out there. To date, the only adverse effects experienced have been uncommon pain the next day due to very deep and strong massages that I encouraged and loved. My only complaint about massage therapists is that they're not strong enough for my taste - they don't go deep enough and they don't take long enough. Most professional athletes receive massages almost immediately after each sporting event they participate in to maintain optimal performance levels in subsequent days.

Muscles that are vigorously exercised need attention immediately afterwards including stretching and massaging; otherwise they will harden, build up excessive amounts of lactic acid and cramps. I must say that I have never read or heard such negative views about massage as those presented by Buddaboy - you should definitely stay away from massages! First time I went there was when a young attractive woman gave me a foot massage which was normal at best and easily avoided in future visits. I agree that there are many untalented masseuses in Thailand as there are in every country around the world. PEPE said: But then I don't know anything traditional - I don't want to know either - if you get the right one for traditional massage it can be great! My experience is that well-trained and experienced masseuses are few and far between. I prefer oil massages as they're not as stressful plus it's even better when one girl trains another - two pairs of hands for 150 baht! I was surprised to discover that oil massages have become more popular in Thailand recently - I've had several good ones.

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