How Often Should You Get a Thai Massage?

For muscles that are too tight, you may want to consider weekly visits for four to six weeks. If you have an acute condition, such as muscle strain or muscle spasms, two shorter Thai massages per week for four to six weeks may be beneficial. Generally, massage therapists suggest getting a massage every day for optimal results. However, this isn't always feasible due to time and financial constraints.

Overtightened muscles can cause chronic pain, from migraine to sciatica and more. In general, weekly sessions are recommended, but it depends on how you're feeling. If the pain returns after a few days, it's time for another massage. If you don't feel any pain a week later, you can extend the time between sessions.

Most people find that they need more frequent sessions initially, which gradually decreases as their muscles relax and lengthen. Some therapists may also suggest stretches that you can do at home to maintain muscle balance for longer between sessions. You may need a massage every day at first, but over time, you can try it two or three times a week. If you're looking for a Thai massage to treat chronic conditions such as migraines, neck aches and back pain, the best approach is to start with more frequent Thai massage sessions and then slowly reduce the frequency of visits as your muscles lengthen and relax. For muscles that are too tight, biweekly visits for four to six weeks is recommended.

If you have an acute condition, such as muscle strain or muscle spasms, weekly Thai massages for four to six weeks is suggested. After that, with proper care and maintenance, you can reduce the number of visits to a program that's right for you - usually about once a month. We hope this article has been helpful in understanding how often you should get a Thai massage. My experience with Thai massage is that it was very relaxing but didn't heal like the Chinese style did.

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