How Much Does a Traditional Thai Massage Cost in Bangkok?

If you're looking for a traditional Thai massage in Bangkok, you're in luck. On average, a one-hour massage costs between 200 and 300 baht. The cost of massage in Bangkok varies depending on the massage program and the store you choose. There is no entrance fee for Thai massage in Bangkok unless you go to the Wat Pho temple, where admission costs 100 baht.

While traditional Thai massages in Bangkok come at a wide range of prices, and some are as expensive as in the west, you generally shouldn't need to pay more than 450 baht per hour for a massage and, in many salons, you'll pay less than that. If you don't want to wander through unknown Thai neighborhoods in search of a massage parlor, you can also find spas and salons offering traditional Thai massages in malls all over Bangkok, including MBK, Central Ladprao and the Ngam Wong Wan Shopping Mall in Nonthaburi. Here, again, you're not likely to be charged more than 250 to 400 baht per hour. Of course, the most famous and best place to get a traditional Thai massage in Bangkok is Wat Pho.

One thing you should know is that you don't take off your clothes for a traditional Thai massage, since it's all done while you're fully clothed. You're just lying on a massage mat in an outdoor pavilion with about 20 other people getting massages at the same time. A high-quality experience can cost between 600 and 3000 baht (17 to 87 USD) depending on the program you try. Every part of the body is involved, from breaking your fingers and toes (releasing gas that accumulates in your joints) to applying pressure to the base of the skull and even massaging your eyebrows. Instead, I'm referring to traditional Thai massages that will have you lying on a massage bed for an hour, fully clothed, and stretched and banged up to an inch of your life. If you're looking for an even more affordable option, Perception Blind Massage offers a one-hour full body massage for only 350 baht.

Opened 5 years ago with the goal of empowering people with visual impairments, Perception Blind Massage offers a more touch-focused experience than your usual spa. Just be sure to take a walk before deciding on a spa for a massage and check the price list that is usually hung in the window or near the reception before you go in and order a massage.

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