The Benefits of Massage Therapy: A Guide to Self-Care

Massage therapy is an essential element of personal care that helps keep the body fully functional and the mind completely clear. It has countless benefits, from reducing pain and improving circulation to reducing stress and increasing chemicals that “feel good” in the body. In Western culture, massage is often seen as a treat, associated with going to the spa or treating yourself every few months. But in the East, massage is an integral part of personal care for the body and mind.

In Ayurveda, the focus is on the regular practice of “abhyanga” or self-massage. The Rituals team tried self-massage and, with regular practice, experienced better digestion, less muscle tension and a lighter, more relaxed feeling throughout the day. If you try Abhyanga and follow it, you'll notice that you'll soon establish a closer connection between your mind and body. Practice is an act of self-care and self-love.

It's all too easy to take our bodies for granted or, even worse, to criticize and abuse them. Take time during the slow and intentional self-massage to think about all the reasons you're grateful for the body you have. Massage therapy can also be an advantage for preventive care. If you do this regularly, you can prevent skeletomuscular injuries from becoming a serious problem that could lead to a mobility or flexibility problem. This type of therapy helps lengthen muscles trapped in chronic shortening.

Be thankful for the miracle of your body and the way it works, automatically and tirelessly, for you all the time. With a daily dedication to self-massage, you can begin to feel more in tune with your body, understanding what it needs to feel good and healthy. You may also notice side effects, such as a desire to eat healthier and exercise more intuitively. The power of this simple routine can have a beautiful ripple effect on the way you take care of yourself. Try Abhyanga with an open mind and a deep curiosity.

What can this simple self-massage routine offer or teach you? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. The body is a temple and deserves our loving attention. Massage therapy actually has many important health benefits that can significantly improve your overall health and well-being. It helps reduce pain, improve circulation and reduce stress, resulting in deeper and fuller sleep, improving body and mind health. The Samueli Institute stated, in a meta-analysis of research on massage therapy, that massage therapy is extremely effective for pain control. Hold the trigger point for 3 seconds to release the tenar eminence and also massage the area where the tenar eminence attaches to the thumb bone.

Practicing personal care is as important to the success of your massage therapy business as are your business and client skills. Whether you work for a massage company or have a private practice (or both), personal care is crucial to a long and healthy career in massage therapy. Medical massage in New York with a New York City-licensed massage therapist should be a regular and valuable part of your self-care routine. Not only do massage therapists face the mental and emotional stress of running a business or managing a career, but they also have the added stress of strenuous physical exertion. There is no shortage of research on the benefits of massage therapy, including reducing muscle pain and pain; improving digestion and circulation; helping the body to detoxify; reducing stress; soft tissue injuries such as RSI (repetitive strain injuries) and CTD (cumulative traumatic disorders). The carefully directed pressure created during the massage stimulates skin tissues, muscles, tendons and ligaments, improving blood flow throughout the body. Make massage therapy part of your weekly wellness routine! With regular practice, you can experience better digestion, less muscle tension and a lighter feeling throughout the day.

You'll establish a closer connection between your mind and body while also reaping all its health benefits - from reducing pain to improving circulation - that will significantly improve your overall health and well-being.

Tiffany Greenhalgh
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