How to Make a Lot of Money as a Massage Therapist

Are you a massage therapist looking to make more money? You can increase your income by focusing on customers who are reimbursed for insurance, high-level clients, or customers who hire at home. But why do so many massage therapists struggle to make a living wage? The answer lies in the monetary mindset and attitude towards the financial aspects of running an office. To create a financially healthy massage practice, you need to understand and do certain things. Sales aren't bad words and money isn't bad either.

Money is necessary to earn a living doing what you love. Don't make the mistake of charging what you think others can afford. That's what I call getting into your customers' wallets. Also, don't charge based on what other therapists in your environment are charging.

Therapists are constantly reducing their rates to compete with other therapists, and that's destroying our industry. Your rates should be based on what your company needs to get with your services to pay for all expenses, taxes and your salary. Do the math and whatever the number per hour is, whatever the number per hour is worth. Running a business requires more than just passion.

Many massage therapists know exactly why they dedicated themselves to the field of massage in general, but those reasons should not be confused with the reason why you decided to start a business. Take courses that develop your business skills to support the practical skills you've learned. Financial education, marketing and the establishment of a strong system of service standards are critical for all companies. There were always awkward moments surrounding tips.

Customers didn't know if they should tip or not, how much tip was too little, or how much was too much. After 14 years in business, I chose to take that discomfort out of the equation by creating a fixed rate system that included an increase in the rate to reflect what a person would pay if they left a tip. This made it very clear that this was not a price with tips included, but a flat rate that allowed customers to know exactly the amount that was expected of them at all times. Eliminate tips and, in a short period of time, your income will increase more than you thought possible.

Tiffany Greenhalgh
Tiffany Greenhalgh

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