Which Massage is Right for You?

Massages are one of life's simple but sometimes confusing pleasures. With so many different varieties, it can be difficult to know which type would be best for your needs. A good massage is a real pleasure and can offer many health benefits, but there are more than 200 different techniques and types of massages, all to address different needs and provide various benefits. Do you want to know which massage is right for you? Here is a guide to the most popular types of massages and their benefits.

Deep tissue massage uses more pressure than a Swedish massage. It is usually done with the hands, sometimes with the forearms. The movements are longer and slower than with many other forms of massage. It is often used to treat chronic pain, muscle tension, and injuries.

There may be a certain level of discomfort, which we call “in a good range of pain” for deep tissue massage to be effective. But you shouldn't feel too uncomfortable. Swedish massage is the most common form of massage therapy in the U. S.

UU. The movements are long from the shoulders to the lower back and up, for example, or from the wrist to the arm to the neck and then back down again. It can be performed with lighter or deeper pressure, but it should not be too uncomfortable. Swedish massage is great for relaxation and stress relief. Trigger point massage works with trigger points in the body that cause pain when pressed.

It is often done with the thumb, knuckles, or elbow to apply static pressure to those points. Working with trigger points will help the injured client's muscle tissue return to a more normal state. It is similar to stretching, you may not feel very well when you start, but if you breathe and keep stretching, you'll start to feel better. Hot stone massage looks and feels too good to be therapeutic, but in fact, these calculations serve a clinical purpose. The stones are preheated to 125 degrees the moment the session begins.

Do you want an 80- or 110-minute hot stone massage to get the most benefit? Hot stone massage is great for relaxation and stress relief. Prenatal massage is designed specifically for pregnant women. It includes instructions on specific modifications that are used to help protect the baby, alleviate symptoms such as edema (swelling) and low back pain that are common during pregnancy, and make the mother more comfortable both during and after the massage. Prenatal massage is usually done with the client lying on her side or back with a wedge to support her back and knees to relieve the baby's pressure on the mother's internal organs. Sports massage is primarily designed for work before or after a sporting event. For example, you can get a sports massage the day or the day before an event, such as a half marathon, so that your body is truly prepared for the activity.

Sports massage is not usually as relaxing as other forms of massage; it generally moves at a faster pace than Swedish massage; and it uses assisted stretching techniques to help dissipate lactic acid buildup in muscles. But you don't have to be a professional athlete to get a sports massage; it's ideal for anyone who is physically active. Most massage therapists are trained in Swedish and deep tissue massage; some have received advanced training in other techniques; and all have techniques in which they are specially trained or experienced. Therefore, a high-quality therapeutic massage provider will look at your health history, goals, challenges, and lifestyle to find the therapist that best fits your situation. At Elements Therapeutic Massage, our therapeutic approach is designed to adapt you to the massage therapist and the specific technique that best suits your unique health and wellness situation.

We specialize in customizing each massage session according to the specific needs of each client; therefore we often incorporate techniques from each type of massage to ensure that you receive the best and most appropriate treatment. So now that you know about some of the most popular types of massages available today, you can make an informed decision about which one would be best for your needs. Whether you're looking for relaxation or relief from chronic pain or injury; whether you're an athlete or just starting a new training program; whether you're pregnant or just want a hot stone massage; there's sure to be something out there that's perfect for you!.

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