What to Wear for a Traditional Thai Massage

When it comes to a traditional Thai massage, you'll stay fully clothed throughout the session. It's important to wear comfortable clothing that can easily stretch, as blockages in the Sen (energy) lines can prevent energy from flowing freely. If you're visiting a spa, you may be provided with a loose-fitting garment to change into. However, if you're visiting a massage parlor, it's best to bring your own light and loose-fitting clothing.

When it comes to Thai oil massages, you'll be asked to remove all clothing and lie face down on the massage table. You can choose to keep your underwear on or cover yourself with the towel provided. It's important to note that some massage parlors may not have clothes available, so it's best to come prepared. To ensure a pleasant and odourless experience for your masseur, it's best to wear freshly washed clothes and avoid sharing any bugs or other organisms with them.

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Tiffany Greenhalgh
Tiffany Greenhalgh

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