How Much Money Can Thai Massage Girls Make?

Are you curious about how much money Thai massage girls can make? It's no secret that massage parlors are a lucrative business, and the most in-demand girls can earn more than 100,000 baht a month. The price of the massage is usually between 250 to 300 THB, so the masseuse can make between 100 and 200 dollars per hour. However, if the girl is over 30 to 35 years old and not considered high-class, she may not make as much. It's easy to understand why many women with no education and no prospects of getting a suitable job would be drawn to this type of work.

One woman I spoke to went from earning $250 a month working in a factory to more than $3,000 a month working as a masseuse. She eventually earned even more by not having to work at all. In Pattaya, massage parlors offer salaries of 5 to 6 000 baht a month, not including tips. I met another girl who worked in a massage parlor and she was making 120,000 baht a month.

Recently, I had a conversation with a girl who works in a sexual massage room in Sukhumvit Soi 22. She now works at a local nightclub and only sleeps with men she is attracted to. The downside of this job is that it comes with a stigma and the woman is labeled as a “bad girl” for life. However, if you're willing to work long hours in a regular massage parlor, you can offer clients special massages and make more money. The rent for a small apartment room doesn't exceed 7,000 THB, so it doesn't make sense to stay in a bedroom in a massage parlor without privacy just to save a few dollars.

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