Is Traditional Thai Massage Painful?

Traditional Thai massage (TTM) is often perceived as a painful experience, but this is not necessarily the case. While it can be challenging and sometimes uncomfortable, it is not meant to be painful. The key to a successful TTM session is communication between the client and the therapist. If the client feels any pain, they should communicate this to the therapist, who will then adjust the pressure accordingly.

The massage itself is a combination of yoga-like stretching and acupressure. The therapist will use their hands, elbows, and feet to apply pressure to various parts of the body. This can include areas such as the buttocks, inner and outer thighs, and groin area. It is important to note that these areas are more intimate than those typically massaged in Western massage.

The massage should take place in a comfortable environment, such as an air-conditioned room that is free from street noise. It is also important to note that Thai massage is often more popular among men than women, so female clients may feel a bit out of place. When it comes to communicating with the therapist, there are two key words that clients should be aware of: jep and bao bao. Jep means “pain” and should be used if the client feels any discomfort during the massage.

Bao bao means “softer and softer” and should be used if the pressure is too strong for the client's liking. At the end of a TTM session, clients often feel energized and high like a kite. This is because endorphins are released when the body experiences acute pain, producing a sensation similar to that of opiates. Thai massage is an important part of Thai culture and can be found in many places throughout Thailand.

It is also becoming increasingly popular in other countries around the world. If you are looking for an invigorating massage experience, then traditional Thai massage may be just what you need.

Tiffany Greenhalgh
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