What to Wear for a Thai Massage: Tips for Maximum Comfort

Thai massage is a unique form of massage that involves a lot of stretching and movement. To ensure you get the most out of your massage session, it's important to wear comfortable clothing that allows for full range of motion. Loose-fitting t-shirts and yoga pants are ideal. You'll remain fully clothed throughout the massage, so you don't need to worry about feeling exposed.

In some countries, sheets are used to maintain your modesty. However, in the UK, it's more common to wear more clothing. So feel free to dress in whatever makes you feel comfortable and let your therapist know how you'd like your massage before it begins. It's best to avoid wearing makeup, fake tan, jewelry, or strong perfumes during your massage session.

Makeup and fake tan can stain bed linen and towels, while jewelry can get in the way of the massage. Strong perfumes can be overwhelming in a small room and can linger after you've left, which can be off-putting for the next client. A little deodorant is fine, but it's best to leave the scent at home. Don't be afraid to fall asleep during your massage session.

A really good massage has a powerful relaxing effect and many clients end up dozing off during their treatment. This is perfectly fine and allows your muscles to relax completely so that your therapist can work on them for maximum benefit. You won't miss out on any of the pleasure of the massage while you sleep! For traditional Thai massage, you'll be provided with a set of traditional Thai fishing pants and a spa shirt. The outfit is loose and flexible, similar to pajamas.

You'll feel great after receiving a Thai massage, but first-time clients may experience some pain that should go away the next day. It's important to note that certain pressure points should be avoided during pregnancy massages. These include the back of the lower calf area on the legs and excessive circular massage in abdominal massage, which should be avoided until the second trimester. Reflexology should also not be performed during the first trimester.

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